the goal of this discussion forum is to enhance your understanding of memory phe

The goal of this discussion forum is to enhance your understanding of memory phenomena. For your initial post, complete the following steps:

  • Watch the following video: How Does Your Memory Work?
  • Go to the Coglab to experience one of the procedures/tasks that scientists have used to investigate attention and its different manifestations.
  • Select one of the following experiments:
    • Serial Position (i.e., how memory for a list depends on items’ positions within the list)
    • Implicit Learning (i.e., how learning occurs without awareness)
    • Suffix Effect (i.e., how adding an irrelevant item to the end of a list affects recall of the final items).

Keep in mind that each experiment illustrates a procedure/task that is used by scientists to understand how long-term memory functions.  Read the section of the textbook devoted to the selected experiment. Then, consider what participants’ performance on the corresponding task tells you about long-term memory and its strengths and weaknesses.  Also, consider the extent to which the results of the selected experiment apply to real-life experiences and settings.  Support your points with evidence from at least one peer-reviewed research article.  Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words.

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