the fate of achilles and the shield of achilles

5-page DOUBLE-SPACED essay (minimum length).

Notes to consider:

On page 284, Achilles decides to accept his fate. Achilles seems to be the only character here who has a choice about his own fate. Why? What are his choices? Does Hector have a comparable choice or not? How would you compare Achilles and Hector, in terms of their relative power to determine their own fate? What do you think Homer means by fate?

On pages 291-296, Homer describes in great detail the shield that the god Hephaestus makes for Achilles. What does the shield depict and what do those depictions mean? Why these pictures and not some others? If the shield is such a fine work of godlike art, what is it meant to represent in the story? Why does Homer spend so much time describing it? What does he want his audience to think about as they listen to this description? Bear in mind that the shield is 1) an instrument of war, 2) a work of art, and 3) a gift to man from the gods. What else is it beyond these three things?

Site from The Norton Anthology of World Literature 4th edition

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