teaching plan 7

The teaching plan/presentation will be an individual project that will be submitted in 3 parts. See Course Calendar/Modules for due dates.

You will:

1. Explore evidence based methods of non opioid pain management.

2. Choose 1 method of non-opioid pain management to develop a teaching plan using the provided outline and PowerPoint.

3. Develop a patient handout (no more than 2 pages) educating patients on 1 alternative to opioid pain management. Use the CDC document “Simply Put” to guide your efforts.

4. Submit your teaching plan & patient handout via Canvas to your instructor

5. Post a 10 minute video regarding your teaching plan in the Canvas discussion board. You may either create this via You tube video or Canvas video. We must be able to see and hear you presenting your handout. We must also be able to see your handout clearly in your video. See the discussion board prompt for further details.

Teaching Plan ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES (2)-3.docx


https://www.cdc.gov/healthliteracy/pdf/simply_put.pdf (Links to an external site.)

Example Teaching plan: Example teaching plan-1.docx


Example Teaching Handout: Patient handout example-1.pdf


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