tco i an american petroleum engineer who has been on an offshore nigerian

(TCO I) An American Petroleum Engineer, who has been on an Offshore Nigerian Oil Platform for 30 days, enters Lagos harbor in a work boat with 15 Nigerian oil rig workers. The work boat is stopped by the Lagos Harbor Police. The Police Captain immediately spots the American and demands to see his Work Visa. The Engineer surrenders his Passport and Business Visa to the Police Captain. The Police Captain says the paperwork is not complete, and demands the Engineer jump into the Harbor Police boat to be taken to the Immigration Bureau for prosecution. The Engineer says he has a plane ticket out of Nigeria for 10:00 PM that night, and cannot afford to miss his flight. The Police Captain says, you will miss your flight unless you will give me $500 for my kids for Christmas. The Engineer says, I only have $300, and the Police Captain says that will do. The Engineer gives the Police Captain the $300, and the Captain pushes his boat away and says “Have A Nice Trip”. This issue is simple, “does this payment to the Harbor Police Captain constitute a bribe under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act”? What provisions of the FCPA cover such payments? (Points : 30)

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