system hacking

PowerPoint Presentation of 8–10 slides

As the Lead Security Analyst in your organization, you have been asked by the Chief Security Officer to prepare a presentation that would introduce concepts, skills and tools used by hackers to compromise systems. You should include information about the following:

  1. What is a hash, and how does it play a role with passwords?
  2. What are the locations of passwords in:
    • UNIX/Linux
    • Windows
    • Mac OSX
  3. What are the methods or permissions needed to view the passwords for all three operating systems?
  4. Describe the process of password cracking, and include a discussion about the following attacks:
    • Dictionary
    • Brute force
    • Rainbow tables
  5. Describe at least 3 tools used for password cracking; include at least 1 for Windows and 1 for UNIX/Linux.

Please add your file.

In a word document of 4–6 paragraphs

You have found the vulnerabilities in the systems that were identified in the scope of your assessment. The next step in the penetration test is to try to exploit the vulnerabilities. Your manager has asked you to ensure that you check for both authenticated and unauthenticated attack mechanisms.

  • Describe the difference between authenticated and unauthenticated attacks. Give at least 2 examples of each.
  • Provide details about the topic.
  • Please reference your work
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