Supply chain managament

Situation: On your way home you stop at Publix and buy a rotisserie chicken. As you are standing in line you get to thinking about the supply chain that it takes to get that chicken to you. Your assignment is to draw the supply chain for this rotisserie chicken using the instructions below and the rubric to be used for grading.

Your finished assignment will include the following two major elements specific to the assignment.

1. A proper supply chain drawn on the computer; no hand-drawn supply chains. It is to include a minimum of 20 proper nodes on a minimum of six levels; do not exceed 35 nodes. Your finished supply chain is to fit on one 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper. Submit it as a pdf file. Use specific information on each item as provided and available.

2. A written explanation of the supply chain. This is to be in paragraph form with proper grammar. When it comes to grading, this will be read by Dr. Thompson before looking at your supply chain. From this explanation the reader should be able to understand the supply chain you have drawn. The grade will reflect the detail and clarity provided.

This assignment focuses on nodes. Remember the differences between a node and a mode. Modes will not be counted.

SUBMIT THE FINISHED ASSIGNMENT as a pdf file before the deadline.

To be graded the assignment must include all of the following minimum requirements.

1. The written explanation of the supply chain.

2. A computer generated drawn supply chain with at least 20 (and no more than 35) proper and acceptable nodes and a minimum of six levels. Incorporates a specific hotdog, cheese, and bun from the menu.

3. The basic required node of the supply chain. Without this node there is no supply chain.

Proper node: A proper node is a noun and answers the questions where did it come from (e.g., retailer, distribution center, manufacturer, etc.) or what did it take to make it (e.g. corn, wheat, eggs, paper, etc.).

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