summerize our farm tour in 800 1000 words

A paper covering the following: 50 pts.

  1. Farm tour report‐discuss on what we talked about on the tour.
  1. Describe what we have in Fresno State Agriculture –take time to visit what we saw again, go to the other parts of the school farm and Agricultural areas of School
  1. Crops, animals, enterprises, manufacturing, technology, marketing…..
  1. How what you saw fits into the food chain?
  1. What did you see? ‐What was happening when you visited each area?
  1. Pick two enterprises (not Dairy) from farm commodities enterprises seen or

discussed on the field trip.

  1. Describe its importance to California economy.

50 points –5pts off each day late ‐ zero points if not turned within a week of the due date.

(800‐1000 words only)

Will give you info on the farm tour tomorrow morning.

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