summerize article and synthesize how different scholarship production contribute to the overall state of science for your topic 1

Using your PICO from the Module 2 Forum as your topic, identify one article from each of the following research publication types: quantitative, qualitative, and quality improvement.

1. Give a brief summary of each of the articles and briefly synthesize how the different types of scholarship production contribute to the overall state of the science for your topic.

2. Select one of the articles, either the quantitative research report or the quality improvement initiative report, identify the following elements: sampling method, measurement of dependent variable, and the data collection/management procedures.

In your discussion of the measurement of the dependent variable be sure to describe the type of measure (e.g. survey, physiologic measure) and explain its validity and reliability for the concept being measured; keep in mind you may have to look beyond the article itself for this information.


P – Non-isolated patients in an inpatient unit

I – Disinfecting of workstation on wheel between

C – Disinfecting workstation on wheels every shift

O – Spread of infection

Among non-isolated patients in an inpatient Units, does disinfecting workstation on wheels between patients, compared to disinfecting workstation on wheels once a shift, decrease the spread of infection

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