Summarize article

REQUIRED READINGS & ONLINE RESOURCESRead: Pages 101-135 Introduction to Contemporary Special Education, Smith (2018)Read: Comprehensive Overview of Speech Language Impairment;National Association of Special Education Teachers (2018) Comprehensive Overview of Speech and Language ImpairmentRead: Speech and Language Teaching Strategies for the Classroom (2018) Speech and Language Disorders Retrieved from University of Arizona Speech Clinic – ArizonaSLHS. (2013). Retrieved  from  Speech and Language DisordersASSIGNMENT TO BE SUBMITTED IN DROP BOXAfter reading the article Speech and Language Strategies for Classroom Teacher, and doing the above readings……Write a paper that summarizes the strategies, accommodations, and modifications presented in the readings and on – line sources in a two-page summary with emphasis on how you might use the strategies with students in your classroom who struggle with speech and language.  Summary should be no longer than three typed pages (double-spaced, 12 pt font)

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