student response

Task 1

A structured interview is the standard way of comparing job candidates. Questions created by the employer are meant to focus on the skills and the abilities that the preferred individual should have to qualify for the job (Hoevemeyer, et al. 2017). The questions are the same for all the candidates and are asked in the same order. A scale is then prepared where all the candidates are evaluated on the same scale.

Task 2

Advantages of structured over unstructured interview

Structured interviews are premeditated meaning that there are very few open-ended questions during the interview. Interviewees are subjected to the same environment in the boardroom hence the outcomes on the scale shall be demonstrating the actual personality of every candidate based on the same scale(Levashina, et al. 2014). There is also the aspect of fairness in the staffing process as no candidate is subjected to different questions meaning that their responses to the questions are what shall determine whether or not they get the tasks.

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