Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement

Understanding your strengths and your areas of opportunity for improvement is invaluable to your growth. Your strengths are often behaviors, characteristics, and skills that are perceived positively. Doing these things well is advantageous as you work towards your goals. Understanding those behaviors, characteristics, and skills that you need to work on developing is equally important. They can be hurdles as you work towards goals, so they present an opportunity for improvement.For this assignment, you will assess the strengths you already possess that can help you meet your goals and identify your opportunities for improvement. These elements are part of the Week 5 Final Project: Personal Development Plan and will be shared with your peers in the Reflective Thinking discussion forum next week.Prior to beginning work on this assignment,Read the External and Internal Motivation  (Links to an external site.)webpage article.Review your LCI assessment results. – attached belowReview tables 2.1 to 2.4 in Chapter 2 of the textbook for descriptions of each Learning Pattern.Review the grading rubric (Links to an external site.).Review the Week 2 Model Assignment (Links to an external site.). – attached belowReview the goals you created in the Week 1 assignment. – also attached belowBe sure to review the feedback you received from your instructor on the Week 1 Creating your SMART Goals assignment, and use it to revise your goals, if necessary.In a paper that is at least two pages in length, write about the following (be sure to add details, explanations, and examples to support your ideas):SMART Goals (one paragraph):Restate the two SMART goals you developed in Week 1.Describe your motivation for pursuing each of these goals.Three Strengths (one to two paragraphs):Discuss three strengths that you possess that can help you reach your SMART goals.Include examples to support each strength you identify.Tip: Consider your overall strengths, or how your Learning Patterns can be a strength or an advantage. Even if your score is not Use-First, it could still be perceived a strength depending on the situation.Three Areas of Opportunity (one to two paragraphs):Discuss three areas of opportunities for improvement (i.e., obstacles or challenges) you must address to reach your goals.Include examples to support each opportunity for improvement you identify.Tip: Consider overall challenges that you face, or how your Learning Patterns can create challenges or be a disadvantage. Even if your score is Use-First, it could still be perceived as an opportunity for improvement depending on the situation.Your paper should be at least 2 pages in length, double-spaced and written using Times New Roman 12-point font.

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