strategic financial planning 2

Obstacles to Strategic Financial and Fiscal Planning

Every organization, including governments, must survive in an environment full of opportunities and threats. Governments must find ways around threats and take advantage of opportunities that arise. Complicating the existence of government organizations is the fact that they are open systems that are affected by both external and internal forces. External forces include economic or political opportunities and obstacles. Internal forces relate to human resource strengths or weaknesses, or other inherent conditions of the organization.

In this Discussion, you focus on internal and external factors that may affect the development of a successful strategic financial plan in a government organization.

Review this week’s Learning Resources. Then, select a public organization and consider how what you read about factors affecting strategic financial planning relates to this specific organization.

With these thoughts in mind:

the question

Post a brief description of the government organization you selected. Then, explain the internal and external factors that might impede the development of a successful financial strategic plan. Provide examples of at least two internal factors and one external factor, and explain how they could impact the organization. Then, identify how these obstacles may be overcome.

choose any organization easier for you and follow the instructions to answer every part of the question it can be two pages double spaces

Be sure to support your posting and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

these are resources might help

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