sport business career paper

My Career Paper

The student will RESEARCH a chosen career and then write a two FULL page paper on their chosen entry level position in the sport industry. There will be three careers that will be excluded from this assignment based on the time required to reach these positions (General Manager, Athletic Director, Sport Agent). The paper must include:

1. Three reasons why you chose this position (1-2 paragraphs, 2%)

2. The skills and responsibilities involved in that position and how it matches your current skills and abilities (2-3 paragraphs, 3%). Do not make this up from your head! Research published job descriptions for this section!

3. Contact information (organization, full name, position, phone number, website, email and a social media account) for someone who is currently in that position (1 paragraph, 2%)

4. What 3 steps you need to initiate starting TODAY to attain that position. (1-2 paragraphs, 2%)

Grammar, Spelling, Sentence Structure, Formatting (1%)

NUMBER these four items as Headers (1-4) in your paper!

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