Sponsorships and Athlete Endorsements

Part I: Discuss some of the reasons why companies become sponsors of sport teams and sporting events.

Part II: Briefly discuss why a sporting event must be carefully matched with the sponsor.

Part III: Provide an example of either a positive or a negative sport sponsorship. Explain why this sponsorship is positive or negative. Please review the forum first to ensure you select a sponsorship that has not be selected about in any of your classmate’s postings.

Part IV: View the following website and respond to the following questions: http://www.qscores.com/home/SportsQ.aspx

  • What is a Q Score?
  • How do Q Scores impact professional athletes?
  • Should professional athletes strive for high Q Scores? What are the benefits of high Q Scores? Are low Q Scores problematic for athletes? Why or why not?
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