SPCH 1311/ Education

Overview: As a team you will create a new policy, or service and present a credible and convincing argument (PowerPoint) in support of your innovation. Please consider issues that you and your team care about or that have been discussed in the mass media recently. It is important to present various perspectives or points of view. Please use your research to justify your position and promote the importance of your policy or service. Do not try to do everything, think about what your team can achieve within the specified time. This is your opportunity to create the changes you believe are necessary to make your community, your state, your institutions, or your world a better place.Please work with your Unit 3 Team to complete this project. Quality: The quality of your work should reflect your commitment to excellence. Please start planning with your peers and manage your schedules, personalities, preferred modes of communication and meeting times. Poor or plagiarized assignments will be rewarded accordingly. This assignment is not about your individual excellence, it is about your ability to work with others to achieve a challenging goal. Steps to Success: Choose a Team Topic: Please work with your Unit 3 Team to create a new service or new policy to address a current social problem.Together you will create a persuasive message to move your audience to act. Think about current social problems and brainstorm with your peers. Think about issues that you care about. Listen to your peers and be willing to compromise. Explore new or unfamiliar ideas.Select a topic, write a specific purpose, and collect your research. Please post you topic and specific purpose to the Unit 3 Discussion Board for feedback. Example Topic: Recycling New Service: Residential Fabric Recycling: A service to collect and recycle your old clothing, towels and other fabric products. You get paid when we recycle. Specific Purpose: After listening to our speech, the audience will support Residential Fabric Recycling and buy our products at RFR.com New Policy: Reuse and Renew: A 10% annual federal tax deduction for buying recycled clothing. Specific Purpose: After listening to our speech, the audience will support, The Reuse and Renew Act, by signing our online petition at Change.orgSPEECH 3 Research: To achieve your persuasive goals, you will conduct research. Each member of your team will collect at least 3 primary academic sources related to your topic. Secondary sources or tertiary sources can be used after you have satisfied the primary source requirement. Your research should provide evidence to clarify the value of your policy or service. PowerPoint: Now, please create a PowerPoint and pitch your ideas to the class on the Unit 3 Discussion Board. Read and pay attention to the feedback. Discuss suggestions with and make changes after Discussion Board post. During the feedback process on eCampus, please assign a team member to document new and interesting insight from your instructor and peers. Improve your PowerPoint. This is your opportunity to learn from others in improve your project. Please use your visual aid (PowerPoint) to reveal a persuasive, compelling and visually appealing marketing strategy for your policy or service. Think about how we can access your service or show support for your policy. Be creative, use ethos, pathos and logos effectively. Use charts and graphs to demonstrate numbers, percentages, frequency and other compelling numbers found in your research. Please use your text to review important visual aid concepts. Your team should invent a name for the polices or services. You should also include compelling visuals with in-text citations and conclude with a strong call to action to tell the audience how to support your policy, or service. If you are working on a policy please remember to include petitions, or contact information to help your audience complete the action(s) that will demonstrate their support for your policy.

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