Southwest Airlines case information and dropbox for submission

I thought I’d kick off the Southwest Airlines assignment with a proposal on getting this done.

In summary, we need to produce a journal containing lessons learned or ‘management practices worth emulating’ that we have gathered from the Nuts! book and then discussed.

10x key themes:

– Motivation

– Leadership

– Decision Making

– Group dynamics and teamwork

– Power and politics in organizations

– Ethics and integrity

– communication

– Management of Change

– Creation and management of organization culture

– Managing one’s self and one’s time

My proposal is that we start recording any lessons we identify on the Team discussion board for this exercise “Southwest Airlines Team Project Discussion…”. We should clarify which theme the learning is relevant to, so that it’s be easier to collate into a journal at the end.

(discussion these 10 themes and at least 500 words)

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