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Gender Inequality

In at least 4 paragraphs (a paragraph is 5-7 sentences) write an essay in which you l describe the various theoretical explanations for gender inequity. Describe at least two social problems that are caused by gender inequity. Describe your personal experience or observed experience of gender inequity in your life. Based on your experience and the readings, what specific strategies do you think we should employ socially to further reduce the gender inequality in America?

Essay breakdown:

•Paragraph 1: Theoretical explanations for gender inequity

•Paragraph 2: Describe at least 2 social problems caused by gender inequity

•Paragraph 3: Personal experience

•Paragraph 4: Personal recommendations for overcoming gender inequity in America.

The requirement for this assignment is 4 paragraphs.  Should you find it appropriate to write more, please feel free. 

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