skills based assesment in applied network labs

complete the Skills Based Assessment. The assessment document is attached to this post.

Here is what you need to do to get the Skills Based Assessment done..

 go to NetLab, “Scheduler”.This is the link:

– Select the should be the third class on the line ( 15 may ) Login -jachamfour , password- jimlotins

– Reserve lab time for yourself

– Scroll all the way down and select the “Reserve Multi-purpose Academy Pod (no lab exercise)”

– Select the time you need to schedule the lab

– On the “New Reservation” Window, check the Radio button at the bottom that reads “no configs loaded (clean)”

– Make sure to change the timing by giving yourself enough time.

– Click OK

When you enter the lab, don’t panic. The topology is different from the one you have on the Skills Based Assessment.

Here is what you need to do:

Since the PODs on NetLab use 3 routers and 3 switches, and since you only need 3 routers and 2 switches for the Skills Based Assessment, you can use the topology in the PODs with the following adjustments. If you make sure that you do the below correctly, your topology will be exactly as the one given to you on the Skills Based Assessment.

PC B become your Internet PC

On Router R1, keep S1 and E0 shut.
On Router R3, keep S0, E0, and E1 shut. You will configure Loopback interfaces instead.
The above will take the following connections out:

–  Between R1 and R3

–  Between R1 and PC A

–  Between R3 and PC C

–  Between R3 and S3

On Router R2, keep E1 shut. You will configure the Loopback interface that connects to the Web Server.

On the Switches:

S1 remains connected to PC A through its E6.
On S1, shut down E1, E2, and E4.
E3 remains open, which becomes the Trunk connected to S3.

S3 remains connected to PC C through E18
On S3, shut down E1, E2, and E4.
E3 remains open, which becomes the Trunk connected to S1.

Since you are not going to use S2, make sure that the E18 on S2 is shut. This way, PC B is only connected to the router R2.

Complete the Skills Based Assessment.

Save your router configurations on a text, or Word, file. You have to include those when you submit the Assessment. You can either include them at the bottom of your assessment sheet, or you can include them on a separate file.

– Complete the Assessment sheet and submit it.

Make sure to submit all your IP addressing as well. THIS IS A MUST

Best of luck and please let me know if you have any question.


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