Situation Analysis

PLEASE READ***************************The Company that needs to be covered is Big5. The only part needed is 4.0 which is in bold, highlight, and in italic. Need two pages to cover 4.0 Research Approach Methodology***************************PLEASE READ

The Executive Team at your chosen organization has expressed a desire to grow rapidly, and as a result, they wish to consider alternative strategies.

Begin formulating your strategic plan for the chosen organization.

Write a minimum 6-page “draft” of the first part of your Strategic Plan, including a revised organizational mission and vision statements and how you plan to accomplish the necessary data research.

2.0 Organization Description (1. who is your chosen organization? 2. Substantive company background, 3. What they do? 4. What business they are in? Do they provide a product or survive? Both? 5. What market they are in? 6. What industry they belong to? Who are their top three competitors? etc.) (Substantive content is required)

3.0 Organizational Core Statements (The NEW Statements for the new Plan; explain your rationale as to why you came with these statements)

3.1 Mission Statement (The new Statements for the new Strategic Plan)

3.2 Vision Statement (The new Statements for the new Strategic Plan)

3.3 Organization’s Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

4.0 Research Approach Methodology

(Outline the Research Approach you will use for the formulation of the Strategic Plan. Provide a detailed rationale of how you plan to research data while formulating the Plan; will you be utilizing Primary or Secondary research? Both? Make sure to includes all research. Innumerate the sources you expect to use to perform the external and internal environmental analysis; indicate why). Use the University Library peer to peer sources.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Linked Objectives: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3

Supporting Material: Strategic Plan Part 1

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