should minor have to obtain parental concent for std testing

TOPIC: Should minor have obtain parental concent for STD testing,

Attached are some information, can you add pictures and graphpics on the powerepoint and ansqear the questions beloqw

Resources to resolve the dilemma:

Describes resources to resolve the dilemma and describes how each resource could help to resolve the dilemma.

Supports ideas with scholarly literature.

Possible outcomes and plan for resolving the issue

Discusses possible outcomes of both positions. Presents a plan for resolving the issue (for patient, family and the nurse). Supports ideas with scholarly literature

Discuss possible outcomes of the pro position.

Discuss possible outcomes of the con position.

Present resources available in the community to resolve the dilemma (hotlines, shelters, agencies etc.) .

Explain how resources could help in resolving the dilemma.

Present a plan for resolving the dilemma (for child, family and nurse).

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