self deception paper

Self-Deception Paper – Students will write a four to five page paper (double spaced, APA style) exploring the concept of self-deception and its effect on interpersonal relationships and how the text has influenced them to consider making changes in their life. Examples may include what they will do differently at work, in home life, with a particular relationship/s, or the way they manage employees. The paper will end with a summary of how they plan to hold their selves accountable to the changes. Papers are to be uploaded to Blackboard.

Self-Deception Paper (4-5 pages plus cover and references) –Due no later than midnight, Day 7. Upload into Blackboard.

Additional Assignment Notes:

In addition to the 4-5 pages, you will need to do a cover page and a reference page. You may only have the one reference which is the Arbinger Self Deception book and that is fine. If you choose to reference any other items in your paper, make sure you add them to your reference page.

I would suggest an outline similar to the following:

1 page – Tell me about the book. Give me a quick overview and then explain the idea of Self Deception. Talk about what it means to be “out of the box” etc.

1 1/2 – 2 pages – Explore, give some examples. This could be personal examples or observed examples of where you or others were “in the box”. What was the circumstance, what did you or others do, how were you or others behaving etc.

1 page – What changes will you make; what differences will you make in your relationships, how you manage at work, etc.

½-1 page – Finish your paper with a summary of how you plan to hold yourself accountable for any changes you plan on making.

Hope this helps. Again, 4-5 pages. The above is a suggested outline. I will always be looking at the reflective writing you will be doing so don’t spend more than a page on the introduction where you are telling me about the book. Let me know if you need further clarification or have additional questions.

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