Self Assessment/School Improvement

Introduction to Contemporary Special Education New Horizons, by Smith, Deborah Deutsch;Tyler, Naomi Chowdhuri; Skow, Kimberly. Edition: 2nd, ISBN: 978013489508Self-Assessment/School ImprovementInstructionsThe purpose of this assignment is for the student to have professional interactions with teachers and administrators in the field of special education, to understand their perspective on special education and to begin forming their own identity as a special educator.Interview one general education teacher, one special education teacher, and one administrator. You may reach out to colleagues in your school, neighborhoods, and/or current classes at NLU. Ask your interviewees how inclusion is implemented in their school?  What works well? What is challenging?  What is the impact on the students with disabilities? Are they benefiting from inclusion and how? What is the impact on the general student population to have students with disabilities in their classroom?  How does the school create an inclusive school community in the classroom and outside the classroom? Provide suggestions for improvement.Write at least a 3 page double spaced paper that includes the strengths and weaknesses of the school(s) your interviewees represent in regards to inclusivity and at least 3 recommendations for improvement. You may choose to use fictitious names for your interviewees and their schools to maintain confidentiality. Include at least 3 citations from the textbook that support what you learned in your interviews.  Please cite in APA format.  In addition, other citations from other resources are acceptable. Do NOT include summaries of the interviews in the paper.

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