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Frederick Douglass was born in March 1818 to a slave mother and unknown father .As a young boy he experienced the horrors of life under slavery in USA. Slaves had no rights , they lived in constant fear of harsh physical punishments and separation from family by being sold out “down south”. At age 7 , Douglass was sent to his new master seperated from his mother where he learned to read and write and there he came to know about the horrors of slavery through his readings which eventually gave him fierce thirst for freedom.The turning point came when he was sent to the farm of a vicious “slave breaker ” Edward Covey. In July, after a fierce fight with Covey , from which Douglass emerged unbeaten , he vowed never to spend another day in slavery without fighting to be free .He began to plan his escape , he was greatly strengthened in his resolve by by hearing and reading about abolitionists men and women who were working to end slavery . On September 3, 1838 , Frederick Douglass disguised himself as a free seaman , carrying false identification papers he travelled by train and boat to New city and freedom.Though free , Douglass remained a fugitive under the law until his friends in England purchased his liberty in 1946. Frederick douglass was born on a plantation his mother being a slave and his father white men rumoured to be the owner of the plantation. Really so his mother four or five times in his entire lifetime and his first autobiography Narrative of the life of a Slave, is a descriptive and analytical work on not only his life as a slave but also on slavery in general along with extent of discrimination which existed leading to him being excessively targeted for harsh treatment due to his mixed parentage. He was punished for having the perceived audacity to have mixed blood which was seen as a symbol of revolt against the established white supremacy. The life of Frederick Douglass is an extremely exceptional role model for all but especially for children, to drive home the importance of having the motivation to achieve knowledge, to learn and to succeed against all odds. It is a luminous example of how much strong will can override every obstacle in life. The life of Frederick Douglass changed forever after he was sold to the Auld family by a cruel plantation owner at the age of seven or eight years, and Mrs Auld introduced him to the alphabet by teaching him to read and write, this was the blessing which greatly inspired Douglass and make him realise the importance of learning and education, especially for securing the freedom of slaves. It was a conversation between his owners with Mr Auld forbidding his wife to educate Douglass, as he would cease to be a slave and lost to them forever if he learnt to read and write , that made him realise that the road to freedom was in learning and education making him feel empowered with the knowledge of having found the solution to end slavery. Until that moment Douglass was at his wits end for the reason the white man was able to enslave the black and the inability of the black to put an end to the life of endless torture and suffering. Douglas treasured this knowledge as a prized possession which would help him game freedom and gave him Anam comparible determination and motivation to learn how to read and right even if it had to be achieved without the guidance of a teacher and whatever the obstacles he was set up on achieving the goal which would lead him to freedom. In spite of being constantly watched for not having the opportunity to ever read Douglas devised ingenious methods to gain knowledge buy befriending all the white boys and running little arrange for them or doing other favours in exchange for knowledge. In spite of every obstacle Douglas read as much as he could and the more he read the greater was his hatred for his enslavers. The injustice of slavery and the treatment meted out to slaves tortured him causing touch deep anguish and torment that there were moments when Douglas regretted ever learning to read and understand the depth of human cruelty and the aptitude for exploitation of the helpless. Douglas learn to write through various methods in a manner similar to huckleberry Finn and at the same time ensured that the power of education was not restricted to him alone by immediately starting to teach other slave children to read and write in secret. He understood even at a young age that it was important to serve society and empower all concerned to be able to gain freedom from slavery. Douglass was empowered by education and spent his entire life spreading the message that true power comes through learning and education. He became a leader in the abolitionist movement and believed to the last that freedom from slavery can be achieved through education. His quotes expose his extreme experiences in life.

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