Sales Management Final Paper

Read the House Handy Products case at the end of Chapter 12. Each question should be discussed thoroughly. APA formatting, 1200 word count and in text citations with 3 references. One can be the book which is uploaded.

Johnston, M. & Marshall, G., Relationship Selling,
3rd ed., 2009. Retrieved from

1. Provide a summary of the case including an analysis of the key facts and potential dilemma.

2. What type of training does House Handy provide new members of its sales force?

3. What method or methods of recruiting and training would make the most sense for House Handy’s sales force? Justify your answers.

4. Assume you are the House Handy VP of Sales. How do you determine if you are getting a return on the money you invest in training the sales force? What specific items would you measure to make that determination?

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