Role of HRM in Personnel Policy Management

Please see attached for assignment detailsCreating an Employee HandbookOnce you have watched the video, write a minimum 3-page analysis that answers the following questions and supports your plan for creating an employee handbook for your organization. Identify in your plan a minimum of 3 points from the questions answered that support your strategy.Deliverable Requirements: 10 questions from the videoWhy is it a good practice to have an employee handbook?Can an employee handbook be considered a risk management tool? Why or why not?What is a culture-first employee handbook and should that type of handbook be considered in your plan?Define the term code of conduct.Which type of conduct rules in an employee handbook are most frequently challenged by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)?Are employee handbooks meant to deal with contractual or legal employee privileges? Explain your response.What is the most commonly litigated wage and hour violations and why?Who do you recommend within the organization assist with the final development and creation of the employee handbook and why?How do you plan to bring your handbook to life to your employees?Why is it an advantage to have an online version of your employee handbook?

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