Risk and Performance Management in Organizations

Please respond to each question with 250 words and support with 2 seperate academic references each.

Risk Management:

Fraser, J., & Simkins, B. J. (2010). Enterprise risk management. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

1. What are your thoughts on employee privacy? Should there be organizational limits on employee monitoring? What do you think should be included in social media policies? Please provide and explain at least two specific examples and support those examples with academic references

Performance Management in Organizations:

Aguinis, H. (2013). Performance management (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Consider the case of Harley Davidson, Inc.,. the motorcycle manufacturer. In January 2004, Jeffrey L. Bleustein, chairman and chief executive officer, said that the expectation was to continue to grow the business. Specifically, he said that the new goal was to satisfy a yearly demand of 400,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycles in 2007. Moreover, he also said that he was confident that Harley-Davidson Inc,. would be able to deliver an earnings growth rate in the mid-teens for the foreseeable future.

These goals provide a clear direction for Harley Davidson. In fact, they provide useful information to guide unit-level goals as well as well as individual and team performance. The entire organization has a clear sense of focus because all members know that there is a goal to deliver 400,000 motorcycles in 2007.

2. Based on the case above, how does the Harley-Davidson, Inc. goals fit the model of setting goals after the organization has established the Mission and Vision statement?

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