revision of the first draft

This assinment has two part

part 1:

-Look at the attached essay “First draft Discipline Project“, and make some changes on this one.

-Use the attached article in the essay “Article 1“, It’s already has been used to do the first draft so you’ll need it for the revision as well.

-The professor has already looked at the essay and he wrote some comments, read it and do some changes. ” you are missing a few things. Your essay is rather short. How could you expand your article? What is missing? What details do you need to add? Do people need to buy equipment for virtual labs? What type of equipment?” Use these comments to make the article better.Also, use your knowledge to add some good details in the essay by using the attached article.

Part 2:

-Describe in a few paragraphs your revision plan for your final draft of the discipline project.

-What changes did you make?

-What information did you add?

-What information did you get rid of?

-How is your final version different from your draft?

-Why did you make these decisions?

Do this part in a separate document


-Do each part in a separate document or in the same but split them so i can know

-With the same writing style try to add what has been mentioned above

-If you have a question, i’m here

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