revised essay s 1

1 Revised Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Revise the rough draft you posted, based on feedback you received from your instructor and peers.Proofread your work carefully, ensuring that your in-text citations and references page entries conform to APA style and that your headers and cover page, as well as the rest of your document, are formatted correctly. Use theAPA Citation Helper or the APA Citations Quick Sheet to help with your in-text citations and references.


The paper addresses the three aspects of the analysis, though only two are mentioned in the first paragraph. You do cover ethos later on in the paper, but also include it as part of the thesis statement. The thesis could be improved by also making it more direct. Instead of saying what you will discuss, briefly summarize the outcome of the analysis to give more focus to the thesis statement. What would you say Goodman could do int eh article to make her argument more convincing? Is she really against surrogacy, and if so, it seems a lot of readers end up not agreeing with her. Where does her argument break down, or what is she missing that causing a disconnect with readers?

For the APA format, also include the p. numbers in the in-text citation tags.

2 Revised Annotated Bibliography.

Revise your annotated bibliography based on the feedback you have received from your instructor and your peers. Proofread your work carefully, ensuring that your in-text citations and reference entries conform to APA style. Use this APA Citation Helper for guidance.


“Most of the APA format is correct, but double check the date and title format for the first source, and use a hanging indent for all three sources.”

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