revise rewrite the essay

Question: Provide information on the developing nation you will be building the AeroFarms franchise. What is the name of the country you have chosen? What is it’s population? What are the major resources of the country? What are its exports? What currency do they use and how much is it worth in U.S. dollars? What is the median income? Tell us something about the infrastructure of the country in terms of highways, railroads, airports, transportation, housing, hospitals, telephones, television, internet, running water, etc. You must define, cite, and use infrastructure and social responsibility from one our books. Minimum 2 pages, maximum 4, double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 pt font. Same format throughout the paper.


1- The paper is already done and attached. Please see the feedback and fix/revise/rewrite the essay.

2- Please follow the instructions CAREFULLY and CITE CORRECTLY as mentioned in the question and feedback.

3- The textbooks chapters are attached in DPF and PPT. I will attached few more file in the chat because I can’t attach more than 5 here.

4- Please fix EVERYTHING

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