revenue management case study interview

Format Requirements
• Double space, 1” margin, page number
• Minimum 13 pages, including
• Title page
• Interviewee’s bio (no more than 2 pages, introduction, photo, and contact information)
• Interview Q&A (minimum 8 pages)
• Lesson Learned and Suggestions (minimum 2 pages)
• Reference (in APA format)
• Team Bio and Photo

Interviewee’s bio is in the picture, how he got to the position, please write it into a paragraph.

The questions for the interview are all in the pdf attached below. The interview record is in this link :…

The class is about Revenue Management, so the section Lesson Learned and Suggestions (minimum 2 pages) should be about ideas related to Revenue Management.

Reference is to the interviewee, and any sources you use.

I will include team bio and photo myself.

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