Response to discussion post minimum 100 words

What you felt compelling and enlightening basically responding to the student on a reflective response

Student paper down below:

For me this class was very similar to other classes I have taken, however there were different approaches and different things to learn. The most compelling topics for me would be the discussion where we wrote about different facilities, and learning about the different theories of addiction. I learned that there are multiple treatment facilities all around, offering different treatment for addictions, violent behaviors, eating disorders etc. It was very interesting finding out that there are so much of these facilities around and that they cater to different needs.

Learning about the different theories of addiction was great as well. In that week I learned about the Traditional Models, Psychoanalytical Model, Contemporary Models, Behavioral Modification Programs, and Holistic Models. Some agreed with most of the models while others only believed in a few. The discussions were great because we all shared personal experiences, which led others to share their experiences as well.

Participating in all the discussions was great, being about to share different opinions is always a good thing. While we didn’t always agree with everything, everyone remained professional and was opened to understand why that person believed what they did. The different experiences that were shared also helped in others being more opened and sharing their personal experiences as well.

All approaches were great, however if I could have changed anything it would be adding the intellapath to the class because I think it would helped in our learning process. From my experience with the intellapath it always had addition information where the students could go through and learn additional information. It was an added asset because we were allowed to go back and improve our grades if you had a grade you were not happy with. I have learned a lot from this class, two more to go and I’ll have my degree!


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