Response 4

The career I am pursuing is Librarian. I have always been a reader. I grew up with asthma in central California, so sports were mostly out of the question, and it was the 80’s, so no DVR. Reading was how I entertained myself. I spent a lot of time at the local library, but most of my books came from my grandfather. He owned a used bookstore called Experienced Books in Salt Lake City, Utah. I read fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi. Still, it was when he gave me textbooks that I really fell into my appreciation for knowledge. He gave me three books on the Mexican-American War during summer vacation. One book was from America, one from Mexico and the third was from the United Kingdom. Reading them taught the importance of information and how we as a species interact with it.Reviewing the Personality Type Chart, I scored incredibly high in introversion. The chart describes this as thoughtful, introspective, reserved, and reflective. These all represent me well. My parents that I could become a hermit and I wouldn’t care, and they were correct. I also scored in Feeling, while Perceiving and Sensing tie for third place. All of these things will serve a librarian well. As a librarian, one needs to be okay with working in underfunded and understaffed conditions. This can mean working alone and having to self-motivating as well as comfortable inside your own head. On the flip side is when you need to deal with people. The lower three scores serve in assisting with required social interactions. People coming to the library often have questions that they may not know how to articulate. Being perceptive and empathetic helps serve the patrons that rely on the library for its many programs and services.I need a 75 word response to this discussion above.  Reflect on the above discussions interests and values. How do they align with yours? How are they different?

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