Response 2

Though Robotics has taken over a bunch of jobs through-out the years one job they can not take over is social workers. Social worker’s occupation has been listed 8th on the least likely profession to be taken over by machines. Because robots can’t do certain things like understanding somebody’s problems or judging a problem like a profession. Only humans can do these things. Because robots do not have feelings or emotions it would be hard to do those things. Although a new program called Eclipse could help make a social worker’s job easier. It can keep information safe and cut a social worker’s job by half.  It can also help provide information to the authorities and social workers when needed and help keep the children and families safe. Which is what children need now these days it would help them feel more safe to talk to somebody and actually believe it when somebody says they are there for them. to an external site.I need a 50 word response to this discussion above

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