Imagine you work in the admissions department of X University. A small, private, exclusive University specializing in leadership. Anyone interested in admission must submit a letter to the board justifying the reason they feel they should be admitted, submit transcripts and test scores, and interview with the University’s board of admissions. The board of admissions considers the following criteria to determine if the person will be granted membership:GPATest ScoresLeadership ExperienceCommunity Service ExperienceParticipation in Extracurricular ActivitiesLevel of Motivation (based on interview)Your job is to compose and send the letters of acceptance and rejection based on the board’s decision. John Smith recently applied to the University. John’s strengths include an exceptional GPA, high test scores, and a high level of motivation. However, John’s weaknesses include little participation in extracurricular activities or community service and no leadership experience. The board is conflicted on their decision and has asked you to compose a message of acceptance AND rejection while they make their final decision. Having the message ready will allow the board more time to decide and once the decision is made, the message can be quickly pasted into a formal letter.The acceptance message should follow the strategies and tips for writing positive messages from Chapter 8 of your textbook. In your message, include the strengths from John’s application as the reason he has been accepted.Your rejection message should follow the strategies and tips for writing negative messages from Chapter 9 of your textbook. In your message, include the weaknesses from John’s application as the reason he was not accepted. In your message, you are basically writing the body of a letter. You do not need to format your letter in business letter format.Each message should be at least two paragraphs. Again, you are composing an acceptance and rejection message.Reply Posts (10 points):Read your classmates’ posts. Choose two classmates and post a reply to their initial post. In your reply, be sure you comment on specific parts of their post. Your reply should be written in at least three complete sentences. “I agree” or “Good post” are not acceptable reply sentences. You will receive 5 points for each reply post.

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