researcher reflectivity


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The current research was a same ethnicity-based study. Therefore, the researcher interviewed individuals from the same ethnic group. It was acknowledged by the researcher that they and the participants shared similar cultural experiences and perceived barriers toward cancer screening which, therefore, provided similar levels of meaning. Therefore, it is assumed that the researcher’s identity influenced the participants’ willingness and openness to provide in-depth information about their experiences with cancer screening than to be selective in what they disclosed to the researcher. However, the researcher was aware that pre-existing bias was involved during the collection of the data, and which may unconsciously influence participants responses.


Therefore, the researcher took objective stands to mitigate interview bias, while the researcher objectively interviewed the participants, there was a conscious effort to avoid showing bias in favor of or against the situation. The reason is that participants may feel under pressure and answer in a way that is socially acceptable, thereby influencing the results of the study. Therefore, every effort was made to ensure the integrity of the research and to avoid bias


Further, the researcher’s ethics and assumptions did not conflict with the participants. However, emotional reactions to participants with histories of cancer and war may have created empathic responses to the results of this study, especially if the loss of a family member or close friend was involved. It should be noted, however, that the researcher acknowledged that emphatic responses were presented as it built rapport in the interview session as the respondent engaged more effectively in the interview.

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