Research Topic and Question

GEN103Research Topic and Question Assignment (Links to an external site.)VideoPrior to beginning this assignment,Read Module 1 in your course textbook.Watch theGEN103 Annotated Bibliography(Links to an external site.)andPicking Your Topic IS Research(Links to an external site.)videos.Review theWeek 5 Annotated Bibliography Exampledownload, and the4 Easy Steps to Using the Ashford Library for Background Researchdownload,Possible Topics for Researchdownload, andHow to Ask an Open-Ended Question  handoutsdownload.Download and review theWeek 1 Research Topic and Question worksheetdownload that you will complete and turn in for this assignment.This week, you will develop a research question for your annotated bibliography:Choose a research topic.Explore your topic.Write your research question.Choose a Research TopicChoose a research topic related to your program or major. This topic will be used for all five weeks so choose one that interests you and for which two scholarly articles, one e-book , and two non-scholarly sources are available. Review thePossible Topics for Researchdownload handout if you need ideas. It is recommended that you review theGEN103 Week 1 Assignment exampledownload.Provide a two to three sentence explanation of the research topic and how it is related to your major on theWeek 1 Research Topic and Question worksheetdownload.Explore your TopicOn the Week 1 Assignment worksheet, fill in the KWHL chart to explore the research topic. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions on the worksheet. The4 Easy Steps to Using the Ashford Library for Background Researchdownloads a helpful resource at this point.Write Your Research QuestionWrite the first draft of your research question in the table at the bottom of the Week 1 Assignment worksheet. Your research question will help you focus your research by defining the information you are looking for as you research your topic.Your research question must be:Open-ended (should begin with “how,” “why” or “what”)ClearConciseDetailedTheHow to Ask an Open-Ended Questiondownload handout can help you formulate an open-ended question.Next, it is recommended you use to help you refine your question. If you use the service, ask your tutor to review your draft question with regard to the criteria in the table. Bring your draft research question to the Tutoring on Demand session. When you have completed the worksheet, save it to your computer and then submit it to Waypoint for grading.To make sure your submission is as strong as it can be, useGrammarly (Links to an external site.)to assist you in locating and correcting grammar and punctuation errors.Carefully review theGrading Rubric(Links to an external site.)for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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