Research Technique Wiki

Assignment2 – Research Technique Wiki

Purpose: To investigate and present aspects of TWO selected marketing research techniques.

  • Each student will choose two techniques to investigate and make the results available to class. Post your selections to the Discussion Forum. (Please indicate the selections on the subject).
  • Based on research, you should incorporate basic information from each chosen technique, into the corresponding Wiki tab. Be precise, concise and to the point. (For each technique, the minimum content should be approximately 2 1/2 letter-size pages and no more than 4 pages).

Techniques you may choose from include:

Controlled experiment

Focus groups

Quasi-experiment (also called Natural experiment)

Online focus group

Test marketing

Netnography (also called Looking-in research)

EEG (Neuromarketing)


fMRI (Neuromarketing)



Participant observation (see also Mystery shopper)

Skin conductance

Mechanical observation (example: Casino cards)


Electronic observation (example: cookies)

Zaltman methapor elicitation technique

Case analysis

Word association

Content analysis

Sentence completion

Diary analysis

Story construction

Telephone survey

Dialogue balloons

Mail survey

Role playing

E-mail survey

Depth Interview

Online survey

Wiki Content

First, introduce each technique in the opening page (homepage). Provide a brief description of the technique purpose and its classification (e.g. qualitative/quantitative). Next, provide an overview of the technique (types, method, comparative advantages and disadvantages to other techniques, and list few examples or applications in Marketing Research). As a guide, follow the outline:


  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose of the technique
    2. Technique classification (quantitative/qualitative; exploratory/descriptive/causal)
    3. Data classification (obtained by observation/communication; projective/physiological/ historical, etc.)
  2. Method of analysis
    1. Procedure (indicate steps)
    2. Sampling (type, size)
  3. Comparative advantages and disadvantages to similar techniques
  4. Applications in Marketing Research. For each cited study include:
    1. Study purpose
    2. Study findings
  5. References
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