research question on human resources

Word Document, 12pt, Arial, Name, Date, Training 2, Assignment 1
(Please work individually, you need to know all this individually for comps, if you don’t know the answers…research!)

1. What are the components of a training design according to the model taught in BSUs HRD program?
2. What is the difference between a terminal and enabling objective?
3. What is a learning contract? Who formulates it’s content?
4. Define a cognitive, affective, and a psychomotor learning objective.
5. There are several activities trainers can use to achieve learning objectives: list eight
6. Give an example of an ice breaker a trainer could use for an opening activity.
7. Who is the father of adult learning? What are the six principles of adult learning? How is training adults different than teaching kids? What is one word that defines teaching adults? Teaching kids?
8. Who is Kirkpatrick and what is his contribution to training evaluation? Describe each of his 4 levels of evaluation.
9. List 10 questions you would ask on a training evaluation to cover Kirkpatrick’s Level 1 & 2.
10. What is a closing activity you could use for a training on conflict management?
11. Watch the three short videos and summarize their content as it relates to adult learning.
12. What is a competency? List 3 competencies you possess that would make you an excellent trainer. List 3 competencies you need to improve to be an excellent trainer?

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