Research Project

Research Project Part 3: Module 7 requirements:·  The assignment must be submitted as a MS Word document through a Blackboard assignment link following APA 6th format guidelines.  The paper must be between 10 to 12 pages, excluding the title page, abstract, TOC, and references.  In text citations for all references are required.  If you use tables or figures, those items must follow APA 6th format guidelines.·  Current APA 6th format for all elements of the papero  Title Pageo  Abstracto  Table of Contentso  Student Contento  ReferencesTextbookInternet sources (websites, articles, etc…)I HAVE ATTACHED PART 1 AND PART 2 OF THE ASSIGNMENT. THESE HAVE ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED. THESE PART WILL NEED TO BE INCORPORATED IN THE FINAL PAPER TO MAKE IT ALL FLOW. I WILL ALSO NEED MORE THAN JUST TWO REFERENCES.**** THIS IS A NOTE FROM MY PROFESSOR****Chloe. This is not a structured robust outline. You only have two resources. You should have many more at this point. In your part 1 submission, you indicated a management consultant position that your would review. I don’t see any focus on a specific position that you are evaluating in this deliverable. Also, there grammar and sentence structure issues throughout this document.Please review the assignment document for the correct outline for this project and the focus of this assignment.*** IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DONE CORRECTLY BECAUSE IT IS A BIG PORTION OF MY GRADE.****

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