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Research in the Major Assignment 100 Points Soon you will be a graduate of the University of California Los Angeles.

You have developed a set of skills and interests over the course of your lifetime. These were developed under a variety of circumstances, some in class, some at home and in relationships with other people, some on sports teams or as a member of other organizations, and some as part of a work environment. Given this set of skills and interests please:

ï‚· In consultation with the professor and/or an appropriate consultant develop an appropriate research question, Design a process to answer the research question, Gather the relevant information needed for answering the research question ï‚· Analyze the information gathered and apply it to the research question in an effort to identify some conclusions ï‚· Determine the validity of the conclusions ï‚·

Communicate your thesis, process, information and conclusions in a written project

Consider this a formal research project. As such, it should be thesis-driven, have an introduction, body and conclusion, be logically conceived and expressed in writing, and include no less than 2500 words (excluding the title page and bibliography). Although your project consists of many sections, make certain you use transitions to develop the relationship of each section to the others and conceive of the project as a whole, thesis-driven undertaking This assignment will be assessed using the combined Critical Thinking and Research in the Major rubrics.

My research paper question is “Do business internships directly correlate to success in the business world?”.

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