research paper 1072

5-page research paper on a topic relating to the course. Use this paper to explore something that interests you in the field of MEEC (some topics that have been written about in the past include destination wedding planning, the history of events, the economic impact of meetings on a host city, the Olympics, etc.) See me if you need help coming up with a topic or if you want clarification as to whether your topic meets the guidelines of the paper. You must include a minimum of 3 different sources for the paper (textbooks, journal articles, industry magazines, an interview with an industry professional, etc.)

  • Must be a minimum of 5 pages (not including your references/works cited page – references/works cited should be on their own page) 

  • Must be in APA format and include a references page and in-text citations for anything that is not your own (direct quotes, paraphrasing, statistics, and numbers, etc – refer to plagiarism slides more information)
  • Do NOT include a title page or abstract for this paper
  • Must use a minimum of 3 different sources (books, interviews, websites, articles, etc). One of those sources MUST be the textbook. 
I upload some learning modules and hope these can help.
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