research methods for finance and accounting

You are to prepare a research proposal in no more than 3,000 words. The proposal should be made up of the following sections:

* Review of the literature including research questions or hypotheses; * Statement of your ontological and epistemological assumptions;

* Research strategy including definition of cases or population to be studied and method of selection or sampling of the units that you intend to study;

* Methods of data collection and methods of data analysis include a statement of any ethical issues that you anticipate arising from your research design or an explanation of why you will not experience any ethical issues and an instrument such as a questionnaire or interview schedule or details of the evidence from specified databases for collecting the information that would generate the information to answer your research questions. You may put screen shots to demonstrate the availability of the evidence in the database in an appendix.

You will be marked out of 100 according to the following criteria which have the marks permissible for satisfying the respective criterion in brackets:

* Whether you provide a clear justification for your research questions or hypotheses that includes a relevant literature review (15 marks);

* The extent to which your ontological and epistemological assumptions are consistent with your research questions, the different dimensions of your research strategy and your choice of methods of data collection and data analysis (25 marks);

* Whether your choice of population or case studies and methods of data collection and data analysis will enable you to generate and organize the evidence to address your research questions (25 marks);

* Whether you have anticipated relevant ethical quandaries or whether you have provided a convincing explanation of why you will not experience any ethical challenges (15 marks); and

* The presentation and standard of English (20 marks).

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