research homework 4

In this discussion: ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS

  • State your research topic and purpose.
  • State your research question(s).
  • List and label the variables as independent, dependent, intervening, or moderating
  • State your hypothesis
  • Describe the limitations present in your study. Be thorough.
  • Describe what the results would look like if the data supports your hypothesis.
  • Describe what the results would look like if your data does not support your hypothesis.

If the data supports your hypothesis, what conclusions would you draw? What recommendations would you make?


Some professional organizations and colleges and universities provide opportunities for researchers, including undergraduate students, to present the results of their research. Some even offer stipends to cover travel expenses for undergraduates.

For this discussion question, do an Internet search on “undergraduate research conferences” or a similar term. Find an interesting undergraduate research conference or event that you might like to attend and post a short description of that conference or event. Be unique – don’t post about a conference or event that another student has already described. Describe how your research interests fit with your chosen conference.

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