research and evidence support the need for a change 4

Assignment Content

In this assignment you find evidence from literature and journals that supports the need for your proposed change.FILLER TEXTFind a minimum of three original research articles (Original is defined as articles not utilized for week 1 or week 2 assignment) to support your project and summarize EACH article in no less than 350 words.  **Should be no less than three (3) separate 350 word summaries The articles must be:

Peer reviewed

  1. Recent (published within 5 years)

Statistically significant

FILLER TEXTFind current guidelines and summarize the clinical guidelines in no less than 350 words.·      Consider processes, policies, and clinical guidelines that relate to your chosen issue or problem.FILLER TEXTSubmit separate PDFs of the three original articles and a separate pdf of the current guidelines for your subject/problem as well as a reference page with an APA-formatted citation for each article.FILLER TEXTFormat and Submit your assignment as the following:

A word paper of article summaries and clinical guidelines formatted in APA format ( to include title page and reference page). **You can summarize all articles in one word document with reference page included.

No less than four (4) separate Pdfs (this includes Three (3) pdfs of the original articles and a pdf of the current guidelines)


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