Research and Analysis Article

Length: 1400 words

Submission method options

Alternative submission method



Find the following article:

Maxfield, D. (2016). How a culture of silence eats away at your company. Harvard Business Review, 2-5. Retreived from….

Here is the link to this article.

Answer the following eight questions separately.

  1. In your own words*, identify and discuss the main argument (also known as a thesis or line of reasoning) presented in this article (200 words +/- 10% = 3 marks).
  2. In your own words, identify and discuss the assumptions and limitations that readers of this article need to be aware of when they read it (150 words+/- 10% = 2 marks).
  3. In your own words, identify and discuss the research methodology and research methods the authors uses to examine the main issue(s) in this article (150 words+/- 10% = 2 marks).
  4. In your own words, identify and discuss the main findings and/or conclusions of this article (150 words+/- 10% = 2 marks).
  5. In your own words, identify and discuss the main ideas in this article relevant to the themes and/or concepts taught in MGT100 (200 words+/- 10% = 3 marks).
  6. In your own words, discuss (a) the practical applications of the ideas in this article for real life managers, (b) how these ideas could be used to analyse real management dilemmas or problems, and (c) provide recommendations to managers for action (450 words +/- 10% = 6 marks).
  7. Find two peer reviewed journal articles (<10 years) that may be relevant to further examine the theory discussed in this article. Present these articles using APA6th referencing style (No word limit @ 0.5 marks each = 1 mark). *2 highly relevant peer reviewed journal articles presented in perfect APA6th style.*
  8. Provide two sentences and appropriate citations. In the first sentence, provide one indirect (paraphrased) quote from one of the peer reviewed journal article shown in Q7 (directly above). In the second sentence, provide one direct quote from the other peer reviewed journal article shown in Q7 (directly above) (up to 100 words +/- 10% @ 0.5 mark each = 1 mark).

Remember to include a reference list that starts on a new page.


The following points are an important guide for presenting assessment items:

Create a cover page for the assignment including a title, your name and student ID.

Use 1.5 spacing.

Use a standard 12 point font such as Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial.

Left-justify body text.

Always cite and reference all sources of information used in assessments (see plagiarism below).

Provide a single reference list (“References”) that always starts on a new page.

Indicate the number of words for each response (do not include what is inside citation brackets or in reference list).

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