Research about Pakistan

Find a news article published in the last three months on the MAINSTREAM media (not social media) that talks about a civil society group in Pakistan.

Civil society groups include:

  • business groups (eg. associations,chambers of commerce, etc)
  • the media (as a group)
  • labor unions
  • knowledge actors (think thanks, universities)
  • NGOs
  • The Church (any religious group)
  • Social movements

If you have doubts on any you will understand better once you read the IDB chapter.

During class, you will be asked to summarize what your article is about (very briefly) and later comment when your actor fits in (when we are talking about them and the resources they have at their disposal and use to affect policies).

Hand in just a photocopy of the article ( I can accept articles in english, spanish and french if that is the language you found them, arabicplease attach a summary translation).

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