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Playing the Staffing Accordian posted by

In 2007, many companies looked to temporary staffing in order to assist with decreases in the full time workforce (Cohen, 2007). This tactic was taken in order to decrease the need to layoffs when there were times on increased work demands on the current employees. What companies found is that there are cost savings with temporary employees. This included no insurance, vacation time, short term disability, retirements, etc. which are paid out to full time employees (Cohen, 2007). Temporary employees are also beneficial as they already possess the skills, knowledge, and talent for the job necessary. There is a quicker onboarding time as well. For my organization, we try very hard not to use temporary staffing as today it is very costly, at least in the nursing field. I believe that there are organization that benefit from temporary employment and staffing, but also some may not.

Cohen, E. (2007). Playing the Staffing Accordion. Business NH Magazine, 24(3), 14.

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