relationship between lscm and operations management

read two chapters from Toyota Supply Chain Management by Iyer, Seshadri, and Vasher (ch. 2 and now ch. 11 for this case study). Read the Toyota Way of Managing Supply Chains (Ch. 11) and provide information on the selected LSCM company of interest, Toyota,

  • Describe your selected company of interest in relation to Toyota’s way & tour (5 points)
    • What is the overall corporate/business mission of the company you have selected?
    • How does operations management help your company attain competitive advantage? How has your selected company emphasized competitive differentiation?
    • Is your selected company considered as an order winner or qualifier? Why?
      • What are the types of waste in your selected company?
      • What logistics functions/activities are experiencing Muda? Why
    • What operation strategy can your selected company implement to address the issues they are facing?
    • Referring to the Toyota text, what are the four major elements of the Toyota way? How are these applicable to your selected company’s issue?

    selected company: Berry Global

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