reflective about Qualitative research method course

300-word critical reflection upon your experience of the course. Particularly if you find your perspective has changed at all. You may wish to comment upon any exploration of your own subjective biases or perhaps your developing epistemological perspectives.  For some students learning about qualitative methods can be somewhat transformative, and for others, less revealing. This is not a course evaluation, so this is about your own personal journey and your own experiences. This should be written in the first person and can draw directly upon your reflective journal. There are no references required, however, if you make reference to particular theories, methods or authors, they must be appropriated cited.


Marking criteria,

Writing Style

Has the student demonstrated depth of reflection? Have they communicated clearly and made reference to their journey throughout the module? 

Knowledge and Comprehension

If the student has provided and evidence of knowledge and comprehension have they included the sources,  appropriately referenced?


Has the student maintained a balanced approach throughout, highlighting issues they overcame or found challenging, as well as reporting positive or transformative experiences?




I have written what I felt in general, so you can see what I  have learned as it was a transformative experience. But, based on what I have written you can provide me with a professional work. it should be ONLY 300 words and should be a critical reflection.


In this essay I reflect upon my experience in qualitative research method course. Before the course, I was not aware of the techniques and tools when conducting qualitative research. My limited knowledge made me confused and stressed about my abilities. At the beginning of the course, I was struggling a lot to understand exactly which epistemological perspective I follow, and it was a challenging stage for me to overcome this phase. My motivation guides me to insist to overcome difficulties. Thus, by Asking the lecturer and familiarising myself with the material I found that the process was much easier and only needs motivation. My progression led me to find how the qualitative method demonstrates a wealth of data, that quantitative research doesn’t provide. Especially, when it comes to understanding people’s capability, opportunity, and motivation in-depth based on the COM-B model, which would be difficult to acknowledge when using a quantitative design (Willmott et al, 2021). The development of my capacity and my skills guided me to adapt semi-structured interviews to gather data from the interviewee’s perspectives for my disstertation, as it allows me to access participants’ social worlds and gather reliable information. Consequently, I realized that interviewing skills are a critical point when conducting the interviews. Thus, preparing leading questions and demonstrating professional competencies are necessary. The interviews will provide me with responses that need a descriptive process. Therefore, the course led me to choose a reflective thematic analysis for Braun and Clark when analyzing respondent data to answer my research question. Since practical sessions in the class with my colleagues improved my abilities to understand the principles of thematic analysis. The reason I chose this method was that a rigorous thematic approach could produce an insightful analysis that answers my research questions (Braun and Clarke, 2006). Therefore, I gained the appropriate skills and positive developments from this course that made prepared me for my dissertation. 

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