Recommendations: Business Project Teams

Submit a draft of recommendations (a couple of paragraphs) that describes the most effective communication approaches to mitigate adverse information caused by government impacts and identifies a variety of appropriate outside resources to advocate for the business, all of which are supported with rich and significant detail. Also, devise an effective solution, supported by rich detail, to mitigate the negative impact of government on the business and describes precisely, through evidence and examples, how outside resources can most effectively be used to advance the business’ interest.

Should be broken into the following recommendations categories (or even paragraphs):

Recommendations: Business Project Teams – Meets “Proficient” criteria and response demonstrates nuanced understanding of use of business project teams for addressing government incentives and regulations Clearly explains how business project teams can be efficiently engaged to obtain most favorable results for company, based on evaluation of available internal resources.

Recommendations: Communication – Meets “Proficient” criteria and response demonstrates keen insight into use of communication approaches to mitigate situations that could negatively impact company image Recommends appropriate communication approaches or strategies designed to mitigate impact of negative information about business, based on assessment of business’s public image.

Recommendations: Solution – Meets “Proficient” criteria and response demonstrates keen insight into determining effective solution for addressing business challenges Determines effective solution for business in current situation, based on previously described courses of action and impacts.

Recommendations: Political Influence – Meets “Proficient” criteria and recommendations demonstrate nuanced understanding of use of external resources and approaches in process of advocating for businesses and their interests Recommends appropriate utilization of outside resources and approaches to advocate for business and influence political process, based on evaluation of external resources.

I am attaching the papers thus far and you should use the following as help for the policies portion:

Week 8 Great References or Policies for the Final Project

Posted on: Monday, October 23, 2017 8:20:40 AM EDT

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